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Nov 8th '12

On 11/1/12 I went to my 39 week appt, was 1 cm, about 80% and he was not engaged at all. Went home and did my normal routine. Was laying in bed around 10 pm and my water broke. Called DH home from work, dropped DS1 off at a friend's and headed to L&D. Started getting conractions on the way to the hospital, they were 2-3 minutes apart by the time we arrived about 11pm. Was hooked up to the monitors and checked- 3 cm, 100%, and -1. Sent water test (don't acually know the name lol) o the lab and waited for results. Came back that I hadn't ruptured (I think they messed up personally), so they said I had to progress more before getting my epidural. I opted to get into the jacuzzi tub. About 45 mins later was having hard contractions and lots of pressure. The nurses got me out of the tub and I was checked- 7 cm :shock: Asked for my epidural they said they would ask the Dr. A few minutes later (maybe ten? I wasn't really paying attention at this point lol) I was feeling alot of pressure and the need to push- they checked me again and I was now at 9 cm. I again asked for the drugs (I am a wimp lol) they said sorry sweetie you're going the old-fashioned way. Then my Dr. arrived and checked me- since I was yelling at them I had to push- and said I was complete and it was almost time to push. She gave me lidocaine in my cervix so I didn't have to feel the ring-of-fire as bad. Still felt alot though. I pushed maybe six times and Tristan James was born at 1:54 am. 7lbs 3 oz, and 20.5 inches long. He was in shock from such a fast delivery so the nurses gave him extra oxygen. He is doing great now and big brother Owen is adjusting very well. :) Thanks for reading :)

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Nov 8th '12


Katelynn Myers 2 kids; Whiteman AFB, Missouri 14 posts
Nov 8th '12
Quoting Kennedi's Momma:" Congrats! And lucky yours was fast. I was in labor for 28 hours. My contractions weren't strong enough."

Aww I'm sorry it took so long! It was nice it was fast, but that was a lot faster than I was planning! lol