sick baby??? Kelly Gatchell Due March 27 (twins); Ohio 2 posts
Nov 7th '12

i am pregnant with twins, and my doctor sent me to a specialist because my quad screen came back positive for spina bifida. i went to my appointment expecting the worst, that they were going to tell me that one or bothj of my babies may never walk...but the news my grandmother and i got was nothing close. the dr told me my baby b isnt developing right, that amniotic fluid is low and the blood through the spinal cord isnt flowing right. he said my bavy is sick and that it may not last past 24 weeks, and if it did then it would have a lifetime full of health issues. im not sure whether to be totally worried or not. i mean do they have to tell me the worst case scenerio in case it does happen? and what happens to the baby when fluid and blood flow is jeprodized?? mind u the heart rate was totally normal! really need some advice on the situatun, and some input on what may be wrong with my baby if it lives.

Mrs cree Due November 23; 33 kids; Ontario 1907 posts
Nov 7th '12

Drs always have to tell you all the things that could be wrong but there's no guarantee those will be the outcome I'm sorry you and your little one are going through this. I know two people whose babies had no fluid the outcome was not good but I'm not sure about little fluid things could turn around babies beat the odds everyday I really hope things work out for you take care