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Nov 7th '12
Quoting dzrtangel:" I realized that right after I hit "Post Reply" My brain isn't working properly. In all fairness, ... [snip!] ... a low lying placenta, so I had an ultra sound at almost every appointment to check the progress of it until it moved higher."

my brain isnt working properly most the time :)

laxmommy Japan 50 posts
Nov 7th '12

If you can afford it I would pay out of pocket. The stress that you are putting yourself and the baby through isn't worth waiting around two weeks.

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Nov 7th '12
Quoting Positive-Momma:" I have seriously thought about waiting in the emergency room to see if they will look for me. I just am scared so I am stressing. Stress is terrible too though..."

I've been where you are, and am there for a second time as I'm pregnant again.
The ER is an option if you go in complaining of cramping and spotting they're likely to do one.
Another option like some of the others have said is a 3D/4D ultrasound clinic. For as little as 40 or 50 bucks you can get an early gender scan and 2D print outs of your baby.
Good luck momma.