SHE IS HERE !! (story & photos) Miss Ashley +2 2 kids; New York 3801 posts
Nov 7th '12

So I already made a post about her being here - but it was so long ago lol and now i have pictures since I am able to use a computer !! lol

THIS is Addison Jade <3

She was born on October 29th at 8:`15 am - She weighed in at 7lbs 11oz & was 18 inches long =) VIA C-section.

First & foremost I just want to share the experience of a second csection -_- .. while i was waiting in my prep/recovery room it dawned on me that i honestly dont remember SHIT from the first time i had a csection. All i remember was that i couldn't feel my legs and that the spinal block didn't hurt at all and everything was over in 1 .. 2 ... 3 lol. So this time I had to think about what I was really about to go through - walking down the hallway into the O.R. I started to panic and realized what exactly was about to happen. It was excitement and fear allll at the same time. The propped my up on the table in the middle of the room that was just FILLED with sharp objects and in the back right corner of the room was all the stuff prepped for baby Addison. The spinal block was WAY worse this time!! It took him 100 tries to find the correct spot there was tons of pressure and i must of SQUEEZED the crap out of the poor nurse (her name was Maureen lol i kept my eyes on her name tag) in front of me. They laid me out on the table adjusted my whole body lol and for what seemed like forever finished prepping for the doctors. Yes DOCTORS, my doctor & his partner. Apparently with a repeat you need more then two hands, and half way through i realized why. I got slightly nausous and did some dry gagging lol I cried in nervousness and excitment and this was ALL before the whole process began. Finally the doctors came in and immediatly got to work. We did our hellos and away they went. It seemed to me that I felt everything lol. Pulling and tugging cutting and s*****g but there just was NO PAIN it was truly and out of body experience. This was something I didn't not remember from the first time. I cried most of the process and squeezed my aunts arm the whole time .. poor lady lol. My doctor decided to announce half way through (this is where i realized why the other doctor was there) that I had a TON of scar tissue from my first csection. It's something that runs in my family. He said the reason its taking so long is because of all the scar tissues ... it wasn't until my first check up the other day that he told me just how bad ... my bladder was attached to my uterous !! Finally at 815 am my little princess made her way in to the world !! After she was out i didn't care about all the pressure and weird feelings going on over that blue wall lol i just kept my head back and watched as the sucked away at my little angel =).. This time she was perfectly fine and they wrapped her up brought her over to me i got to give her tons of kisses and they whisked her off to the nursery to get her cleaned up and such while the closed me up. When I got into recovery little Addison was back in my arms !! OH & if you have followed ANY of my topics ESPECIALLY about picking names .. my name just CAME TO ME .. as soon as I saw her little face laying behind me I just knew she was my Addison !!
FUN FACT .. baby Addison was born at the begining of Hurricane Sandy!! We spent the whole storm in the hospital so we are very thankful that we didn't have to go through that !!

Big sister Jennah is just in LOVE and in AWE of her little sister. Although midly jealous at times she is very protective of her little sister =)

final belly

Meet .. Addison Jade ..
Jennah & her sister


thanks for looking =)

Uh-Nis-Uh [EBF] 2 kids; West Virginia 15190 posts
Nov 7th '12

Ohh! All that hair! So cute!

Rob's Living Dead Girl Royersford, Pennsylvania 4316 posts
Nov 7th '12

Aww, both your girls are so beautiful :)

Drazzill Due February 16 (boy); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Edmonton, Alberta 2207 posts
Nov 7th '12

She is soooooooo adorable. Makes me really miss when my baby was a newborn. :(

slayeraX7 4 angel babies; nowhere, ca, United States 2506 posts
Nov 7th '12

very cute! what a happy big sister.

Justine's Mama Due November 28 (boy); 1 child; Boynton Beach, Florida 1939 posts
Nov 7th '12

Aw she has a lot of hair ! So cute, congrats girl :D

Miss Ashley +2 2 kids; New York 3801 posts
Nov 7th '12

Thank you ladies! Yes big sister is sooooooooo happy! She has her moments but she is very hands on and loves to help!

And yes tons of hair! I'm loving the bow life!

Kristin B. +down.55* 2 kids; Montgomery, Alabama 2054 posts
Nov 7th '12

I've been stalking your posts waiting for pictures! She's so cute!!