Depressing family problems *Vent* Kelly+Brandon=Blake 1 child; Maryland 1260 posts
Nov 6th '12

Gonna try to keep this long story short. My dad passed 10 years ago now, my dad's side of the family has been going down hill since. My grandpa died shortly after my dad (he had alzheimer's). Everyone took it pretty hard, my issues came out later years after he passed. My grandma lived with my Aunt K for a few years until she needed assistance and moved into a nursing home around the corner from my Aunt's house. My cousin (Aunt's son) has been in and out of trouble with life in general (drugs, depression, etc.) I'm gonna skip to this year. My grandma is super depressed to where it's difficult to visit her because EVERYTIME I go she talks about either my dad, my cousin or complains about my other Aunt who I disowned a long time ago and it's just too depressing for me to handle anymore. My Aunt just got arrested and went to jail for getting a DUI while being on probation for her 1st DUI. Now my cousin is left with the backed up mortgage, backed up phone bill, and his own personal bills. I work at a newspaper so I offered that I get a free ad every month and he could try to sell items that way but he's been visiting pawn shops which they don't pay crap.

Well he called me today all super down, depressed talking about my Aunt's ring that he needs cash for today! She told him to sell everything and try to get as much as he can. And he was telling me how he's going crazy and I don't blame him at all but Idk what to do. I'm pretty sure he's back on pills which Idk how he could afford it. It just pisses me off that my family has put theirselves where they are today, they were fine but decided to let drugs and alcohol run their life just like my dad did. But the problem is that they've all been given help, especially my cousin and screwed every shot he got. It's hard for me to have sympathy because I believe life is what you make it. And now I feel down because I can't do much to help and I feel like my dad's side is almost gone. All I have let on that side is my Aunt, cousin and grandma. My mom's side has drifted and gone downhill over the past few years too so I just really feel like I'm losing everyone. I'm happy I have my SO, his family which are great and our little family we've started. It just sucks to watch everyone fall around you while you're doing good and going somewhere in life. :( End of my vent. Thanks.