When did you go in? Mommy of two (: 2 kids; Killeen, Texas 600 posts
Nov 6th '12

I'm 37 weeks. My contractions have been every 5 minutes apart for an hour. I've been in and out of Labor and Delivery over the last month and don't want to go in to early. My OB said to go in whenever they're 3-5 minutes apart. Did you wait until it got closer to 3 minutes or go in as soon as they were regularly 5 minutes apart?

Larry! 2 kids; Pennsylvania 13234 posts
Nov 6th '12

Because it's your second I would go in sooner then later. The second baby tends to come faster. Good luck!

Mommy&Stinkbug Due September 23; 1 child; Fredericksburg, Virginia 6284 posts
Nov 6th '12

Call L&D and tell them you're 37 weeks any pre-existing reason to go into early labor and how far apart your contractions have been for however long
Ipotherwise idk what to tell you sorry when I went to my very last check at 39weeks my midwife freaked the hell out because I was 5cm dilated and my water bag was sagging through she didn't know how I wasn't in labor lol

Ashley; Kenley's Mommy! 1 child; Wisconsin 15117 posts
Nov 6th '12

I went in when they were 3-4 min apart for 2 hours. Good luck!!

Lucy♥Benji 2 kids; California 25026 posts
Nov 7th '12

I went in when mine were still fluctuating between 3-4 minutes. I wanted to wait it out longer but they were starting to really hurt (my cervix was posterior which was making it feel worse).