Do you think this is controversial? breathingchaos 1 child; Tennessee 882 posts
Nov 6th '12

Age 10 and 12, these sisters love to run marathon races.
Do you think they're too young? Do you think the parents should be criticized for "allowing" their children to run these races?

Personally, I think it's AWESOME that these girls have found fun in an athletic sport and I don't think the parents should be criticized for allowing them to be in the races, it's not like they force them.

empire state of mind New York, New York 12208 posts
Nov 6th '12

I think it's awesome too! As long as they are healthy and like what they are doing, they should go for it!

Good Queen Bess Due December 27; 2 kids; Ontario 49564 posts
Nov 6th '12

I don't see any issues at all.

My husband works with a lot of track and field athletes, this is nothing new. Kids actually do well in endurance running because they run for fun, there is still some enjoyment out of it.

✰ Boo ✰ 2 kids; Texas 2670 posts
Nov 6th '12

Sorry, I didn't read the article, but going off your summary I completely agree with you. Being an avid runner before this pregnancy (although not marathons, just a little over 7 miles was my max before pregnancy) I know I would have loved to have been involved in something like this when I was younger but my mother never would have allowed it. I think it's great to find something you enjoy like this at such a young age!

breathingchaos 1 child; Tennessee 882 posts
Nov 6th '12

Also both girls have to keep a 93 grade point average to be able to run, that right there says it's for FUN. :)

user banned 3 kids; Ontario 10942 posts
Nov 6th '12

Dont see an issue at all. Thats awesome of them. :)