Shishkabob's weight loss journey Shishkabob TTC since Dec 2011; 16 kids; Southport, North Carolina 7 posts
Nov 6th '12

Hello ladies, I know I am new to this forum, view my about me for introductions, but I wanted to get a start on my weight loss journey, and saw this as a supportive community that may be able to help me along the way. My goal is to start with the 30 Day Shred and limit my portions. I will get my measurements as soon as I find my tape measure. My weight is 260, quite ridiculous for my height of 5'7". My BMI is over 40, making me extremely obese. I should have done something about my weight years ago, but not living in the past, I have decided now is the time. I wear a size 20 jeans, XL tee shirts, and am a 40-42 DD depending on the bra. I hope to maintain my cup size, but they will probably be the first thing to go. I really want to get to 200 pounds, I'm not trying to be unrealistic, but I haven't seen below 200 since 8th grade, and I'm about to get my associate's in college, so it's slightly ridiculous. Anyway, thank you guys for reading, I will hopefully be tuning in with updates daily, if you see me slipping up and not posting, please ride my tail about it! Hopefully by December 5th, my 30 day point, I will have lost 10 pounds, that's my goal. By Christmas I'd like to have 15 down. Thanks for reading :)

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Nov 6th '12

Thought you might be interested. :)