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Nov 5th '12

My daughter wanted a pool party. I've booked it in, and paid the deposit. But it's $270 all up. At first I thought that was a lot of money. But, then I started thinking, I'd probably spend more than that on everything if I did it all myself. The $270 covers an hour and a half long party. One hour in the pool (which will only be open to the party people, not to the public) and it's supervised, so the lady will get in the pool and do games with the kids too. Then half hour in the other room with food. All food is cooked and provided. Invites are included, also every child gets a bag of lollies and a free family pass to the pool. I'll still make up party bags though, just because I like doing that.

nutmeg. California 22281 posts
Nov 5th '12

I always try to stay under $1000. This year I'm doing a double party and still trying to stay under that amount which is proving to be tricky!

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Nov 6th '12

I spent around $1000 on bellas 3rd birthday. I'm already pricing things up and booking stuff for her next birthday(July 2013 haha) and I'm looking at around $1000-$1200 probably.

$270 for a party with food and everything provided is great! I've considered a party at a venue but I like to have control of everything too much haha

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Nov 6th '12

Depends on the age and what the child wants.
My 4YO (turned in Sep) just wanted to go out for ice cream and to the indoor pool (free, since we're already members) as a family and have me make her favorite dinner at home. She's super shy and doesn't enjoy kid-parties yet, so that's what we did. All in all about $60.

My 5YO is having her party this weekend and wanted the whole shebang. Kids, a party, decorations. Right now we're up to $400, and that's fine too.

BUT. I find it equals out in a lot of ways. Because 4DD didn't have friends, and we don't have family involved, we eneded up buying all her gifts. One of 4DD's gifts was her pet rats, complete with a nice big cage, so that was $200+ alone. 5YO is having 8 friends, we've only gotten a couple of things, so the cost of the party is the main expense.

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Nov 12th '12
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Nov 12th '12

Last summer for my girls parties it was.

200 to rent the petting zoo (4 yr olds bday)
cost me 180 in food (pop/chips/hot dogs etc....)
I have never used or made invites. lol so nothing there.
It was 45 for the cake
30 for 60 cup cakes
115 on the kids loot bags
65 for the decorations
300 for her presents
60 for her outfit

My oldest dd (10)
250 to rent the pool plus 10 bucks a child for insurance liability if the parent did not stay, so another 80 for the kids who's parents were not there.
45 on the cake
365 on her present
140 on loot bags
30 for 60 cupcakes
36 on the decorations
it was 110 to order the pizza
50 for the pop/chips/etc....
75 on her dress. shoes.

And thats it, there was some extra costs in there for last minute stuff, but it didnt get written down in my planner book. lol

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Feb 22nd '13

$400 will be enough for a birthday party.