Deliver my second baby! Felicia Fey Due February 10 (boy); 1 child; New York 15 posts
Nov 5th '12

Title might have thrown you off but....

I really want the Doctor who delivered my Daughter to deliver my Son in February! How many Mommy's did this and wanted it?

I aboslutely love the Doctor who delivered my Daughter. He's really great and helped alot! I just discussed this with my OB today and they said when I near my Due Date that they'll set me up with him on Doctor Day to talk to him! Soo happy!

IOnlyMakeBoys (B.B.M) 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Texas 4754 posts
Nov 5th '12

I wanted the same Dr but he moved over two hours away so I have been trying to find another i like and I am on my second Dr so far. At least this one is better then the first but still miss and would like to have the one who delivered my first baby.

Momma-of-2-Ts 2 kids; British Columbia 255 posts
Nov 5th '12

i hope i get the same one as i had for my son, i really liked him but we have 9 drs at our hospital and you get whoever is on when you go into labor which is a bummer, i like most of them thankfully, i will just be screwed if its one i dont like

tatesmommy09 2 kids; Illinois 4003 posts
Nov 5th '12

I went to the same practice but two different midwifes delivered my kids.

Surprisingly, the doctor that I saw most through my pregnancy was the one who delivered!

Tracy was called in with my son because he was born at 1:31 am.

Katy and Tracy were both on call for my daughter and were fighting over me.