Chellie 3 kids; Vegas, Nv, United States 4824 posts
Nov 5th '12

Here it is a minimum of 24 hours from delivery to discharge. I went in 4pm in labor. My son was born 1:26am and I was discharged around noon the next day. So 36 hours. They tried to keep me longer and i pushed to go home. I do not like the hospital beds and everything was just fine with us so we didn't need to stay.

NoLongerHere NowhereVille, AB, Canada 1934 posts
Nov 5th '12

I was out 48hrs after my first csection (pretty much to the minute)
I stayed 3.5 days with my second only because they let me cause he was in NICU. I could've stayed longer but I didn't know how long he'd be in & I needed to get home to my oldest.