Did you have a successful VBAC... user banned
Nov 5th '12

After a failed induction in which you did NOT use pain medication, but did use pitocin and never dilated?

Bonus points if you have endomitriosis and that potentially led to complications during labor.

I'm not pregnant, nor do I plan to be anytime soon...but everyone I know freaks out when I say I want a VBAC. Everyone around here seems to have a really fucked up idea of how they work. Apparently, my uterus is going to just split open mid-labor because I've had a C-Section. Seriously?

I'll take any VBAC stories, but I'd really like to hear ones that had the same first labor experience as me if anyone out there did!

Tea Bag McGee Due November 21 (girl); 2 kids; tardis, OS, United States 6934 posts
Nov 5th '12

i has a successful VBAC

with my first labor and birth i was planning on a home birth.. well my water broke and nothing happen so with in 24 hours my mid wife told me to go in.. in the hospital they started the pit and i was ok.. they never popped my water fully.. i only got to a three withing 3 days by day three they gave me the epi with barely any choice due to the fact i was loosing it from the pain.. i ended up with a c sec at 42 weeks and 3 days..

my VBAC i was induced as well i did get a spine block/epi that.. they started the pit at 9 10ish in the morning i around two hours after my water fully broke it was hell from then n out around the afternoon i got the block/epi then i slept until around 4:30 am that day and was checked i was at a 9 so she called the doctor then i was at a 10 and i pushed for 20 mins and he was born.

NoLongerHere NowhereVille, AB, Canada 1934 posts
Nov 5th '12

I had a failed VBAC; but there was only 14.5mo in between & I'm just one of the u unlucky ones. The head of OB Surgery had only seen 2 uterine ruptures in the prior 8 years. Myself & a lady the week before me. Uterine rupture is rare; I don't know why everyone tries to convince you otherwise.
Hope you have a successful VBAC!!!