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Nov 5th '12

How did you get your child on a morning routine and fit in everything they had to do before walking out of the house for school?

I get him up which takes about 5 min. Then he gets dressed which takeshim ten min i try to get him to do it on his own, he is five next week. He then brushes his teeth, then checks his back pack to make sure he has everything. Then he us allowed to watch cartoons until its time to walk out the door. Which is usually only about five min. He eats breakfast at school so we skip that in the morning. He has beem doing it since September and so far so good only complaining when he actually has to get up

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Nov 5th '12

Sounds like he's already in a routine?

My daughter is only 3 so doesn't go to school but we leave at 7:30am for daycare & work.
She wakes at 6, I get up at 6:30

-I prepare her breakfast (1m)
- I get dressed & eat a banana then prepare her clothes(15m)
-clean her up(2m)
-get her dressed(5m)
-brush teeth & ha

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Nov 5th '12

Whoops pressed it twice haha

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Nov 5th '12

Well my kids are 4 and 10. 9months

I wake them up at 7am (9 month old at 7:30am)

They get up and go hop in the shower, they are out by 7:10-7:15ish. They brush and blow dry their hair, get dressed. While they do that I am making some breakfast and the babies bottle and breakfast.And make their lunches.
Around 7:20 they come upstairs eat their breakfast, while they watch some tv.

I get the baby up and change her diaper dress her, she eats a quick oatmeal and yogurt breakfast, the kids finnish up, put their stuff in the dishwasher, brush their teeth.
While the baby finnish up her bottle. Then we get dressed and they get their bags all ready and head out the door at 8am, the bust comes at 8:10-8:15ish, and we have to walk to the bus stop.

That is pretty much it. lol