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Nov 5th '12

This happened in PA, at Altoona Hospital Oct 28th, 2009. LONG time ago but I want to clean up my profile without losing my birth story in the process. :)

I went into my 39w6d appointment for a vaginal exam.The nurse was so surprised on just how big I was getting and kept saying "you need to deliver this baby, it's getting too big!". That made me a bit nervous... She scheduled me for a non-stress test the following week and said if I didn't have it by then we'd talk induction. After the doctor sat back up from the exam he said "You're at a 2. Oh, by the way I stripped your membranes too" I was alone and in such a state of shock and pain I couldn't say anything. There was NO need for this and no asking of permission. This doesn't always put you into labor but it did me. My sister and I then went to the mall and I was getting some contractions but ignored them because they were far and few.

When I got home I was extremely tired so I went to bed. About two hours later (at midnight) I was awakened to more contractions, they now being five minutes apart and very time-able. Vowing to stay at home as long as possible, I tried to go back to sleep. I kept waking up and around 3am I knew it was actual labor. I texted Brandon to come home (he was still out playing cards with friends). I showered and dicked around until around 5am. The weather was really crummy (it started storming really bad) so I decided to head to the hospital to keep from having to rush or anything like that. We went to the hospital at 6am and they said they wanted to send me home because I was only at a 5. I told her that yesterday I was at a 2 so they admitted me.

Of course I got hooked up to machines, essentially strapped to the bed. After 7 hrs of contracting well I asked to go to the bathroom. They took their time and were obviously peeved that they had to unhook me so I could get up and walk to the bathroom like a normal human being. I went and had to get strapped back up. At this point I was awake all night and half the day with no food or water since 7pm the night before. A doctor came in to check me again, then said "I'm about to break you water" and did. Again, not asking. This caused the contractions to get stronger but I could bare them. A few hours later they checked me again (hello infection?) and I guess they ordered pitocin. I don't remember them asking, I don't remember them mentioning... just that the nurse put an IV in but I guess it wasn't just fluids. Dear lord the contractions were mind numblingly painful. I was moaning softly and whimpering. They kept coming in and turning it up and every time they did I just wanted to cry. I should have said something but I was so tired and in so much pain I couldn't think straight. I couldn't believe they were turning it up over and over again!

By this point I had almost no time between contractions to breath much less say anything. I suppose it got to a point where I either DID agree to an epi or they were just tired of hearing me suffering (I don't remember). I got an epi but I couldn't rest because they were constantly in and out. A few hours later they said I was at a 9 but they were going to have me start pushing soon anyway. I had NO urge to push. They asked if a student could attend. I probably said yes or they didn't care cause she stayed. At around 4:45pm, almost 12hrs of being practically strapped to the bed with no food or water (note, I also have issues with blood sugar dropped so I'm really supposed to eat every 3hrs or it drops considerably) I was told to push. Again, I had no urge to but I tried. The epidural made it almost impossible to tell what I was doing. Mine was topped off with a button and I stopped pressing the button so I could actually feel... but apparently the doctor told Brandon to keep pressing it. Surely that and the pure exhaustion and hunger. For two hours the doctor and student and nurse took turns yelling at me to push and talking about boats... At times I didn't know how I was going to keep going. I softly said I was just SO tired, but was only rebutted "It's called labor for a reason!" and "No one said it would be easy!". At times they told me I was making a good push but I couldn't feel anything to know what I was doing to emulate it. (I couldn't feel things but I could still feel pain in general if that makes sense). I ended up throwing up a few times. Since there was nothing in my stomach it was I'd imagine mostly bile.

At about 7pm, the two hour mark, they began to tell me if I didn't get her out soon they would use the vacuum or the foreceps... but I had a bit of time yet because both were being used... then they started talking about sending me for a c-section although my baby was not at all in distress. They kept shoving an oxygen mask on me although it literally made me feel like I was suffocating. I didn't understand why this was all soooo out of control... why they were yelling at me... why I couldn't get her out... I guess they decided they were going to cut me though I know I wasn't asked about it. Finally at 6:59pm she was out. They of course wisked her away to do their thing.

I finally laid back thinking I could have a minute to rest. But no. The doctor wanted out of there so again I was yelled at to push while the doctor pushed down on my stomach and (I assume) pulled on the cord. My husband said the placenta came out in a whoosh of blood. Of course someone started to "massage my uterus" so I wouldn't bleed further... that was so painful... and they kept doing that though out my stay, sticking their arm up there and what not. Dear lord the pain. My daughter was placed on my chest. I couldn't hold her. I was far too exhausted to move. At some point a LC came to make sure I could BF. I was too tired to even move so she literally placed my daughter to my breast and manipulated everything so she could eat. FINALLY it was over. All I wanted to do was sleep. But the nurses wouldn't take no for an answer, saying I HAD to shower, that I would feel better getting the blood off and they had to clean up the room. She said she never saw so much blood and it looked like a blood bath in there. So I some how managed to clean myself up. I told her I was hungry. Well since it was late no one saved any food for me... but someone managed to find a bit of some thing for me. I ate a bit and got back in bed. The other days were a blur of breast feeding and attempting to sleep as nurse after nurse came in for this or that. I didn't get any sleep until we went home...