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Nov 5th '12

So Gavin is now 11 days old, he was at 36 weeks and 2 days!

I had been in and out of the hospital with premature labor, and bleeding since I was 26 weeks pregnant. At 33 weeks they really thought he was coming BUT we were able to keep him cooking a little longer! On Tuesday 10-23-12 I woke at around 1230am to pee and had a small gush of fluid, which I just thought came from Gavin kicking my bladder. I was having contractions but they werent strong. At around 7am I had another small gush, at that time I was kinda like hmmmmm, then at 9 I had a little bit bigger gush and my contraction were stronger. So I went into L&D where I was contracting every 6min, and was 3 to 4cm dialated. They did an amnio test 4x, with 2 positives, and 2 negatives. So they decided to send me home. At this point I was exhausted, in pain, and scared. I couldnt understand how they were just sending me home, but I found out why when they said my midwife wanted to see me in her office in an hr. On the drive home my water pretty much completly broke it soaked my shorts, undies, and truck seat, and holy contractions! I went home and changed then headed to my midwife. Sitting in the ofice was torture, and kinda embarrassing cause I still had fluid leaking out.I finally asked the front desk lady if I could go into the back I was in tears and new my water had broke so she agreed. I curled up on the exam table and kinda just let myself cry cause I kinda needed to, lol. Linda came in & asked me to recap the events of the morning but not before giving me a big hug, and telling me it would be ok! I LOVE HER!! She said she was going to check me, and as soon as she looked down there she said THEY SENT YOU HOME?!?!?! She said she didnt even need to check if it was amnio fluid there was no doubt my water had broken, and I was in labor. She then told me she had them send me home then to see her because she new my water had broken but wanted it to rupture more and get my contractions moving since the nurses in L&D were determined to prove I had just peed! So she called in my direct admit orders, and sent me back up to the hospital to Dahlia, the other midwife I see. At the hospital they admitted me at around 330pm Tuesday and got me all settled. Dhalia checked me I was still 3 to 4, but completly thinned out. She also could feel that my bag of water was still sort of there and had a little fluid which after hearing my story she decided it was best to leave it be and start antibiotics. At this point I was past there 12hr mark of delievering within 12hrs of your water breaking so she wanted to get me and Gavin as much antibiotics as possible. She also started pitocin to strengthen my contractions, and I also got my epidural at this point. Around 11pm vitals wernt that great so they put me on oxygen and turned up the pitocin somemore. At 12am Wednesday morning Dahlia came in to check me I was 4cm, and 24hrs in to my water having been ruptured. So she broke the bag the rest of the way and said ok lets see what happens. At around 245am the nurse checked me and I was 8cm, by 315am I was complete!! I started pushing and was having to work a little harder then with Cameron. As his head was coming out his heart rate dropped to 50 and it was discovered he was sunny side up, no wonder it was so hard! As soon as she said we had to get him out his heart rate was still dropping I took a deep breath and pushed. I told myself I wasent gonna stop pushing until he was out even if that meant passing out! As soon as his head popped out the rest of him followed really fast, and yea I almost passed out! Jason didnt get to cut the cord, and they took him away to the warmer cause he was a preemie, sunny side up, and had the cord wrapped around his neck, chest, and belly! I was watching them clean him, worrying about him, I didnt notice that I was bleeding pretty bad. Made the dr's scramble a little but they got it under control eventually. Gavin Thomas Gullikson was born 36 weeks 2 days on Wednesday 10-24-2012 at 3:28am He was 5 pounds 8 ounces and 19 inches long! My bestfriend, the guy who will be a father firgure for Gavin was there with me the whole time!! Gavin was so healthy he went right to post partum with me, and we went home togeher the next day!

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Nov 5th '12

Congratulations! We were going to name our son Gavin Thomas lol I ended up changeing it to Brayden Thomas at the last minute. He is a cutie! Enjoy your new bundle of baby boy :)