Kind of a wierd question seeya Arizona 519 posts
Nov 4th '12

Ok so I had ds 5 months ago. While I was pregnant with him, every time I sat on the toilet to go number 2 my legs would go numb. I was told he was most likely sitting on my sciatic nerve or something. Well 5 months later I'm still having the same issue. I don't sit there for long either but my legs go Numb and it hurts to stand or walk for a few minutes. Has this ever happened to anyone and do you know what's causing it?

*A&N's Mama* 2 kids; Halifax, Nova Scotia 4627 posts
Nov 4th '12

My legs go numb if I sit too long (and "too long" is maybe 5 minutes lol). I've been like that for years though. They never hurt after