In-laws Vent long Karrina Snyder Due October 29 (boy); 1 child; Havre, Montana 188 posts
Nov 3rd '12

So, I just got out of the hospital 2 days ago. My inlaws decided not to visit me and the baby in the hospital, which was fine. I waanted some baby and me time. Well they decided that we all needed to get together for dinner today so they could meet the baby. I wasnt too keen on the idea since we just got out of the hospital (I had a csection) but I agreed cause thye deserve to meet the baby too. In all we had a newborn, two 2 yr olds, a 4 yr old, and 6 adults. They make US provide dinner even tho it was their idea. (FYI my husband isnt employed atm and our food money is from food stamps which I HATE HATE HATE, but need to feed our family. He has an intereview monday tho so we are praying that works out) Anyways, they b***h that we didnt provide a good enough dinner and get mad cause they want more so I told them to go get it themselves then. We brought burgers and chips. So that was the first thing to rive me nuts.

They got annoyed when I needed to take the baby to feed him. I'm breastfeeding so I go into another room to feed him. Its not like I want to whip it out in front of his family. They kept telling me I should bottle feed him so he can be help more. I dont want to bottle feed, I did that with my first and felt like a failure. This time its going great. He latches good, and I've already got my milk in. He does not need a bottle like my first son did.

The biggest thing that made me mad was they wouldnt give me my baby back. We were there for 7 hours - and I needed to hold my baby. I even asked politely to have him, I just wanted to cuddle him. I had an extreamly hard pregnancy, and I feel the need to hold him often. I almost lost him at 14 weeks. I just think that they should respect that as his Mom sometimes I just need to hold him. I do understand that this was their time to meet him and hold him and such - but I only wanted a few minutes with my baby. I completel broke down crying. And they told me I need to toughen up and not be so attached. WTF?! Thats MY baby, of course I'm attached. He isnt even a week old yet.

I just had a hard frickin day. Thank you for reading through my drama lol.

~Mrs.SoldierBoy~ Due September 2 (boy); 1 child; Colorado 4969 posts
Nov 3rd '12

Wow! You JUST had a baby, of course you're going to be emotional. Honestly if it were me I wouldn't have done it so soon. You deserve your time with your child alone and time for yourself to heal. I didn't want to be around anyone for the first week or so. I would be pissed at all the complaining. They were being very selfish.

misanthrope 2 kids; Ramona, California 15431 posts
Nov 3rd '12

Ugh they sound like awful people. You're a better woman than me, there is no way I would have put up with all of that. I'm sorry they were being such jerks.