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Nov 5th '12
Quoting Kylee Priest:" before poster gets upset this is just my opinion..My ob also said she will not induce me until 39 weeks. ... [snip!] ... my water did start leaking and we was not sure of how long since it happened in the middle of the night. Good luck to you!"

Wow, i've never been induced like that before! When I was induced the first time, they put a pill up by my cervix to help me dilate naturally and by god it did, they gave me 2-3 doses between 8pm and 12am, contractions started at 3-4am, and had her at 9:11am. Haha. They were going to start pitocin at 9am with her but labor started on it's own. Second time I was induced I went in at 6am and was at 5-6cm already (last appointment I was at 3), they started me on pitocin which kind sucked but I got the epi so I didn't feel much, and had her at 10:58am. The only thing I would change about my second labor was I wish I would have asked them if I could try to see if I could finish labor naturally since I was on the brink of it anyways. But in the end, with both of my labors, I have two happy, healthy little girls :) That's what's important.