moving away from BD? Platypus Due March 17; 1 child; Massachusetts 2633 posts
Nov 3rd '12

Been thinking about moving out of state with my fiance. All his family lives there, and I don't have much family here, and the family I do have causes a lot of drama. Fiance's family member can guarantee him a job if he moves there. It all sounds great to do in about a year or so, and after doing some research about the area. BD does not have any custody for LO, but sees her on the weekends. He doesn't put forth as much effort as a father should, but I figure she should at least know him and bond with him. I'm just afraid that it will cause problems with him if we move. This is the only thing keeping us here at the moment. Anybody in a similar situation? Opinions?

J ♡ N + 1 2 kids; Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina 1159 posts
Nov 3rd '12

Well, if he wanted to be a f**king d**k, he could go for custody and you would be fucked. If LO is under school age, more than likely you both will end up doing something like every other month. The child would go to his dad for a month, then come backto you for a month and so forth. I have a friend that this just happened to and it's DISGUSTING. but it happens.

Shit gets really messy if you leave state and the dad actually cares or just wants to be an a*****e to you.

Mommy2Kay Due April 20; 1 child; Florida 4303 posts
Nov 3rd '12

I wouldn't tell him until you have a set date and is very close. I have sole custody of my son and in the order the judge gave me it doesn't state I need to get his permission to move away. He doesn't have any visitation but I still made him write a statement and have it notarized just in case.