Car seats in both cars? Lovin' My Family!!! 2 kids; Pennsylvania 11696 posts
Nov 2nd '12

If you have 2 or more children, do you just take your car seats out of one car and put them in the other car that you are using or did you buy car seats for both vehicles. my husband has one carseat in his car right now but since our girl is going to be in a big girl seat soon, we were debating on getting 2 more carseats, one for my car and one for his so we don't have to take any out of the cars to switch.

anyone do this?

Momma x 2 18 kids; Whiskey d**k Mountain, WA, United States 1372 posts
Nov 2nd '12

I have 2 kids and 6 carseats in total, two in my car, two in DH's and two in my in-laws car.
(switching them is a pain in the ass)

Nevaeh's mommy :) 1 child; Brandon, Florida 981 posts
Nov 2nd '12

my sis has one for each car then i have one in my car and my sis and i put one in my moms car for when we go out with her we find it works better that way then having to take them out and put them back all the time

[JadeLee] 1 child; Minnesota 12190 posts
Nov 2nd '12

I just have one kid and we have 4 carseats. One in my car, one in SO's pick up. One in my moms car, and a spare. It is so much easier. Unless you just have a specific family car I guess.
We like to change it up and never know who is going to be able to get LO from daycare first, or if I run late then my mom can or SO can.

misanthrope 2 kids; Ramona, California 15431 posts
Nov 2nd '12

I have a set in each car (2kids). Moving them sucks, and it kills my back.

SouthernTruth Montgomery, Alabama 226 posts
Nov 2nd '12

Switching the carseats is a pain in the ass, for sure. However, in my situation, switching them doesn't happen that often. I have a 3 yr old and a 2 yr old and they both are on 5 point harness carseats. A friend of mine gave me an extra one, that stays in DH's car, but I'm not going to go buy anymore, because like I said, it's rare for us. It'd just be a waste of money, the extras would hardly get used.

☮LoveAndSerenity 1 child; Kenosha, Wisconsin 52409 posts
Nov 2nd '12

I have multiple carseats. Switching is just a hassle.

Viv ♥ 3 kids; ., TX, United States 15559 posts
Nov 2nd '12

We have 4 seats, strapped in. One kid, one on the way.
And one seat in the trunk for whenever I ride in a friends car or family's car that doesn't have a seat already.

Devil Duckie 3 kids; New York 48700 posts
Nov 2nd '12

We have a high back booster for P in my car and just a regular booster for E in my car.
In daddy's and Aunties cars, each have regular boosters. They aren't in those cars very often and P is getting big enough she doesn't necessarily have to have a high back booster.

user banned SAN FRANCISCO, CA, United States 24574 posts
Nov 2nd '12

We have a set in each car, plus an extra convertible seat for friends that might tag along or if we catch a ride w/a friend.

Emilia's mumum +1! 2 kids; Beaverton, Oregon 11023 posts
Nov 2nd '12

After my next kid is born (conception needs to happen first!) we will be getting a van and a tiny 2 door car. Kids will only be in the van, whoever has the kids has the car seats.

abcde 10877 posts
Nov 2nd '12

we have one in each car. we didnt start out that way and learned quickly that we needed to. i mean switching them sucks but the one with the seat would leave and forget to leave the seat. so we would have to either come back or stay home.