subway for my 4 yr old Mason, Carmen & Nolans Mo 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Michigan 6508 posts
Nov 2nd '12

I asked my 4 yr old were he wants his birthday party net yr and he said subway lol I asked him why subway and he told he so he can eat sandwiches all day long.
Lol o I love that boy

✩ ℒioȵεsȿ 98909 posts
status Nov 2nd '12

Aww that's cute :D

Mama Melis 3 kids; California 59500 posts
Nov 2nd '12

Haha, kids say the cutest things don't they. :)

Tracy Bursch Due November 23 (boy); 2 kids; Champlin, Minnesota 56 posts
Nov 2nd '12

Too funny! My 5-year-old has her birthday next Saturday, and when asked what she wanted for dinner (home-cooked meal of her choice, restaurant to go to, etc.) she replies, "Hmmm... Taco Bell?? Is that ok, mommy?" LOL, my peanut cracks me up!

Mama Rice 34 kids; North Las Vegas, Nevada 11987 posts
Nov 2nd '12

Looks like you know what to have for lunch at his party. ;)

J+D=4 4 kids; Beverly Hills, California 14687 posts
Nov 2nd '12

cute! my kids love subway, but they only eat the spicy Italian with extra pickles lol.

MWifey 3 kids; Longview, Texas 3459 posts
Nov 2nd '12

subway is great for parties, they have awesome deals on platters of 3 inch sandwiches :) and i like how you can get a veggie and meat platter seperate if you want and make it yourself