nyc marathon JnMsMommy** 2 kids; Brooklyn, NY, United States 5741 posts
Nov 2nd '12

So most people know that Hurricane Sandy destroyed ALOT of homes and properties in Staten island and in queens. The NYC Marathon starts off on the Verrazano Bridge (for those who dont know its a bridge that connects brooklyn to Staten island) and you have to run through all 5 boroughs.

ALOT of people want the Mayor to postponed the event because it is an inconvience because of the relief efforts

but on the other hand.. it will also bring money into the city since alot of the Runners are donating money and other stuff to the red cross to help out

what do you think? Postpone or go through with it?

Monsieur Tastybutt TTC since Jul 2011; 2 kids; Oklahoma 426 posts
Nov 2nd '12

I don't have a problem with them not postponing the marathon. However, I might think differently if I lived in the area.