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Swolln breast and feeling sick fxtradingmummy TTC since Jul 2011; 2 kids; London, United Kingdom 413 posts
Nov 2nd '12


last week my breast got huge and swollen and when i push on my n****e white liquid comes out i have taken 4 HPT and they all came bact NOT pregnant.
my cycle is inregular so i have no clue when O should of happen.
If im not pregnant what is causeing the sickness and leaking breast. I thought for for sure i was pregnant :cry:

Lii McArthur Due January 25 (girl); Clydebank, United Kingdom 57 posts
Nov 2nd '12

try going to see your doctor they can do a blood test

nikkibabii+3 19 kids; Pennsylvania 635 posts
Nov 2nd '12

I would call your doctor and have them give you a blood test.
Other things can cause leaking breasts other than pregnancy but that is where I would start.

7 blessings so far.... Due February 3; 6 kids; Glen Burnie, Maryland 8816 posts
Nov 2nd '12

i agree about having a blood test done.....other hormonal factors can cause breast issues and leakage.