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Nov 1st '12

Two weeks before Jude was born, I was admitted to the hospital for what I thought was my water breaking. They tested for ammniotic fluid and low and behold there it was... my water did break. So that night I was admitted, I stayed on the LDR floor. They told I wouldn't be leaving the hospital pregnant that if my labor didn't start on it own then I would be induced. So the next day came around, no contractions, no signs of labor so they hooked me up to pitocin and the machines and away we went.... I was on the drip for 12 hours. NO CHANGE. So they decided that in the best interested of me and the baby they would send me over to the mom and baby floor. Let me sleep for the night and then start again in the morning. The next day came and I was hooked up again, this time for 9 hours... NOTHING. So then they started wondering if my water actually did break. So they send me back to my room... the dr on call and the nurses were talking about a c-section and how they really think I should go for one the next day. My dr on the other hand said no. I was devistated. My little boy was just too comfy. So they next day they send me for an ultrasounds (not having anything to eat prior...) they sent me to the xray floor and made me sit there and wait. two hours later my iv was running out (I was on fluid due to dehydration) and I haven't eaten anything. I finally get into the room and wait on the tech. She comes and does the ultrasound... they had to check three things, movement of head, joints and breathing... on top of fluid levels. He didn't really move... he was lazy. I was terrified. I failed this test. However, my water didn't full break? Here i was laying there saying how in the world could my water break, but not break... my fluid levels were perfect. The tech demeed it a high leak and that my fluid was still fine and there was no need for them to have kept me.... but now the concern was that the baby wasn't active enough. So beyond upset I go back up to the LDR and am sitting there in tears. The nurse comes in and hooks me up to the monitor and the baby still isn't very active. But his heart rate was great. So they started panicing calling the dr's trying to figure out what is going on, till finally they ask did you eat today? I said no, you sent me to the ultrasound. So I ate and all was good. Baby was super active. So after four days in the hospital, a promise tha I was going home with my baby... it never happened. I went home pregnant!

So two weeks later I started getting contractions (april 12th... 4 days overdue)
I was in bed with my husband and he was timing them for me. We decided it was time to go in (I was in there earlier in the day and they said that if they got more frequent to go back in)
So I get there, they all remember me from two weeks prior and couldn't believe I was still pregnant. So in the room I go, surely enough it was contractions but they weren't strong enough yet to really cause anything, I was still only dialted to a two. And not making much progress. SO I walked the halls, I walked around my room. Tried to sleep. They wouldn't let me eat, wouldn't let me drink. Was still not making progress so I got put on pitocin again and after a few hours it actually started working! I got to a four and they broke me water (yes for the second time). Contractions started getting worse. I really didn't want an epidural. I begged to not get one. But I was so exhausted, couldn't sleep and almost lifeless. So I decided to get one. One of the hardest decisions of my life. Turns out they were pushing in on me because they were certian I was going to need a c section. A few more hours passed and it was time to push. I was so exhuasted. Dehyrdated, hungry, lifeless. I pushed the best I could. I needed oxygen, could barely hold my head up.... they had to cut me and that really upset me and they also had to suction my son out. It took about 5 pushes to get him out. It was the worst pain in my life... but yet I can't remember it. I don't remember much after that. I was losing a lot of blood and everyone was in a panic.. I had no idea what was going on. I was fading in and out, I remember them saying Its a boy! (we didn't know the gender) and I remember him being laid on my chest... I remember crying to my mom that he was mine, he was all mine.. that he was perfect. I remember my husband crying telling me he was perfect.... But thats all I remember. Finally a dr on duty came in asked if assistance was needed and my dr never answered him. Nurses were rushing around me, my mom was crying and tim was holding Jude. Finally everything was done. I was laying on the bed, so lifeless... Turns out my cervix wouldn't close. I was bleeding.... they couldn't really stop it. They tried by sewing me up and it seems like it worked. I lost a litre of blood and was boredline transfusion. I remember getting into the wheel chair to go to the mom and baby ward and seeing the blood ALL over the floor. They said it was one of the worst they had ever seen. But after about an hour I felt great. It was 3 am by the time I got into the mom and baby room with my husband and actually got to snuggle my little man.

At around 7 am I got up to go pee and when I was sitting on my sitz bath after peeing I felt ALOT of pressure and then "plop" I lost a blood clot the size of a human heart. It was so scary. I paniced, pressed the buzzer for the nurse and she came rushing in the room, my husband paniced he didn't know what was going on... and the nurse laughed at me? laughed at me! I was terrified.

Jude was perfect besides a little bit of Jaundice and he was losing weight. He left the hospital weighing 7 lbs 6 oz ( he lost 9 oz).. .we had to stay at the hospital for 5 days until my milk supply finally came in and he gained .15oz. Not even a full oz. I was so happy to go home! Two days later we had an appointment at the breastfeeding clinic and mr jude gained 15 oz's in two days I was so proud!

Now here we are 6.5 months later and we happy and healthy :)
Thanks for letting me share