Going to a shelter... Wanna Touch My Flower? 49 kids; Commerce, Georgia 5566 posts
Oct 31st '12

Have you ever been in a shelter?
How long were you there?
Did they help you get on your feet?
Do they involve DFCS?
Were you embarrassed?
How did you end up there?

My life is a shit hole. Plain & f**king simple.

IOnlyMakeBoys (B.B.M) 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Texas 4754 posts
Oct 31st '12

I would call around if you have kids usually there are houses for single mothers and their kids to help you get back on your feet.

Wolfskrieger 17 kids; Morgan Hill, California 1569 posts
Oct 31st '12

I went to a shelter for one day, they helped me escape my ex with my son while he was asleep and my mom bought me a plane ticket for the same day. I can't help you any further but everyone there was wonderful and very helpful they even drove me to the air port.

user banned New York 15996 posts
Oct 31st '12

I've never been to one before but the only thing I know about the one down here is you have to be out by a certain time in the morning and in by a certain time at night

ღ.ღ.ღ 3 kids; South Carolina 7316 posts
Oct 31st '12

My mom went to one when i was little, they made you be up and out by a certain time and the same for bedtime, they also helped her get on her feet.

user banned 3 kids; Washington 15083 posts
Oct 31st '12

My DH was in and out of shelters and lived in a van at one point. They got food and showers. And they never had a problem with child services. I think that's how his dad found work. Other than that I don't know much.
When I was young my mom used to feed our family at church's, Salvation Army and soup kitchens for lunch and dinner so we never went hungry, even though we had a home food was hard to come by.
I hope things look up for you soon!