Healthy Halloween Dinner! user banned
Oct 31st '12

What's something festive I can make for my friends and I tonight that would be tasty and healthy?

I imagine there's going to be a lot of booze and candy, so maybe if I fill everyone up with something good, we'll be a little more reserved. =P Anything fun I can make?

SpaceCowgirl Due December 21; 3 kids; Oregon 20240 posts
Oct 31st '12

3 hours and nobody responded?

I'm probably too late, but here are some festive Halloween foods:


user banned 33 kids; Blytheville, Arkansas 7534 posts
Nov 1st '12

Yeah, and I was out and about so I missed it. =[ Boo! Thank you for all the great ideas though!

Now I'm craving pigs in blankets. Nom!