My Labor Story: warning contains emotional stuff!!!! Beth Brossette 1 child; 1 angel baby; Fort Worth, Texas 272 posts
Oct 30th '12

Before I start with my story I want to let all the expecting women know that yes labor sucks and hurts like hell and can be super scary: IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT!! With that being said here is my horror story! LOL

First of all I had BH almost the whole pregnancy. Sunday the 23 of September I thought was no different. I didnt even realize my water breaking that night. I would get a little drop here and there if I moved funny and when I went to the bathroom and finished peeing more would come out but I really just thought it was pee. probably because I was nervous and because I didnt want to be wrong and it be nothing, but I ignored it and wrote it off. (do not do that, if you even suspect it maybe go in!!!!) That was my biggest mistake. finally the NEXT afternoon I went to take a bath and as soon as I laid down I had a gush because my sons head moved up just enough. So I went to my husband trying not to cry because as most pregnant women I was emotional and he called the drs office. He explained that i had a gush of water and it was sweetish smelling. weird I know! She said come in that my water most likely broke.. We got to the hospital (my husband rushing because he was excited even though I wasnt having contractions) and he had called everyone and they were all headed to the hospital and we didnt even know for sure my water had broken. (he ended up regretting letting everyone know right then) Once we got there they hooked me up to the monitors to check babys heartbeat and my contractions which started picking up and they used a qtip to test for the presence of amniotic fluid. that was positive. I got sop nervous I could barely speak. Our son was planned but I didnt believe I could handle this. by this point my water had been broken almost 24 hours. so they rushed to get me on antibiotics and pitocin. Unfortunately they gave me the max pitocin they could and this backfired on them. 9 hours into my labor I had to pee and when I emptied my bladder I was hit with such pain I couldnt breathe. They put me on oxygen and had to keep moving me around because my babys heartbeat kept dropping. finally I got the epidural because My baby was in so much distress and my pain was only making it worse for him. The had to flush the pitocin from my body also because he wasnt getting enough oxygen. once I got the epidural they restarted the pitcoin. By the way I had planned an all natural labor. in the remaining 8 hours I went through 4 bags of the medicine for pain. Never went completely numb and baby was still in distress. I still felt the pain but I could tolerate it. I was kept on oxygen and they had to keep moving my position. Now it is tuesday the 25th (also my younger brothers bday 19) around 4 am and I have been trying to convince the nurse that I need to push. For reference I was 2 cm when I went in and 5 for most of the time finally around 6 I was at 9cm. The on call dr told her to have me wait since my dr would be there at 7and my body had been pushing with every contraction and it hurts to hold back and not push when your body is doing it on its own. finally at 7 the nurse told me to start pushing. my sons head was stuck behind my pelvic bone and i wasnt fully dilated.
Warning this is where it gets really bad. Please do not let my experience scare you. I just want to share my sons birth!!! I would do it all over again!!
10 min into pushing I partially blacked out. It was as if the lights above me were turned off and only the back lights were on. The nurse would get mad at me for making noise while pushing. It is hard not to grunt or let air out! and hour into it I started to rip a little but he wasnt much closer to being out and the nurse was pushing on his head and moving and stretching my cervix which hurt way worse than the pushing its self. It burned. Finally an hour and a half of pushing she called the dr. He came in and had me push again 2 more times. He made me stop and he did an episiotomy looked at it again and said to my husband thats not going be enough and did a second one. He asked my husband if he would want to cut the cord and my husband said yes. the dr had me push again and told my husband he was sorry but he couldnt cut the cord. my son was out and my husband had to go to the bathroom he felt like he would faint. he went to the bathroom and said over and over "I am a daddy" he came back and held our son. I was so out of it from "blacking out" that I didnt really see or feel much. The dr was pulling on the placenta which was black because my water had broken so long ago. then the dr sewed me up and when i started coming to again i looked over and saw my husband with our son and he said hi to our little boy and I saw him look at his daddy for the first time and he smiled. After that I was so overwhelmed with love for these two wonderful men in my life. 19 hours of labor and 2 of pushing and at 8:56 on September 25 my life changed forever.
5 weeks later and I am even more in love!! Labor is hell but He is so worth every second.

Gabriella Vazquez Due December 23; South El Monte, California 1 posts
Nov 1st '12

How many weeks were you when you had your baby ?

Beth Brossette 1 child; 1 angel baby; Fort Worth, Texas 272 posts
Nov 17th '12

37 and 5 days. I was just 2 days from being 38 weeks