She's finally here!!! *OctoberMommie* Due October 21 (girl); Beaverton, Oregon 48 posts
Oct 30th '12

Soooo, On the 26th of October I started to get some small contractions at 4:15.. I continued what I was doing and as the day went on the contractions got closer together and stonger.. I waded them out till 12:30A.M. then ended up going to the birthing center.. They chceked me and from what my dr checked me the day before I was 1cm. at the birthing center I advanced from 1cm to 3cm in an hour... Well I wasnt progressing so I decided I wanted to go home.. I went home at 5ish AM tried to sleep couldnt.. My contractions got to be atleast 4minutes apart by 3 that afternoon. My mom got here from work and took me in at 4PM.. Well I made it all the way to hearing my baby girl scream on my chest at 4:46Am the 28.

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Oct 30th '12

Congratulations! :D