scared and anxious mommy287786 8 kids; Washington 437 posts
Oct 30th '12

So according to my 'track record', I have had my babies (the first one) last week, the second one at 35.4 weeks my third at 37 weeks and my fourth at at 36 weeks on the day, so here I am right there where I like to kick em out, I have packed my bags, found sitters, washed and double washed all baby's clothes/blankets have a nice stock of diapers ect...I am freaking out, I am already showing signs that labor is going to start, I had my 'mucus plug' come out a few weeks ago, but it keeps growing back and I loose it again, also my Dr. said I am at 80% effaced and at a 2cm dilated, that was on last Tuesday, I feel like a ticking time bomb! I really want him to stay in there until at least Friday...I dont know how cooperative he is going to be but my fingers are crossed anyway!

Tracey Underwood Due November 11; Bourbonnais, Illinois 75 posts
Nov 2nd '12

I feel ya girl. I'm having my baby in 4 days or less and right now I am so anxious I am bouncing off the walls. I seriously feel like I could run a mile with all the energy and anxiety I'm feeling. This is my first baby and I'm so excited and nervous! I just want my water to break so I can get it all over with now!! ugh!