Due Date Buddy Brandie trucker girlfrien 1 child; 3 angel babies; Leavenworth, Kansas 370 posts
Oct 30th '12

I am due around June 29th with my first baby an was wanting to meet a due date buddy.

letonemesis Due April 13 (girl); 3 kids; Lee's Summit, MO, United States 482 posts
Oct 30th '12

I am due june 29th as well

Rachie.luv♡ 2 kids; El Paso, Texas 14643 posts
Oct 30th '12

Awww:) I had a June 29 2011 baby. Congrats!!!

Ley Nicole Due June 28 (boy); 16 kids; Indianapolis, Indiana 13 posts
Nov 1st '12

im due june 29th as well!!