Broken sleep pattern?? SingleMomSwagg♥ 1 child; Baton Rouge, Louisiana 1397 posts
Oct 30th '12

These last two weeks, LO went from going to bed at eight pm, and waking up at six am to.. going to bed at six pm, waking up at eight, midnight, Four am, then six am..SOMETIMES she will take a nap around eight or nine am, but mostly once six am comes around shes up..She doesnt always eat eaither when she gets up.. and sometimes the up times are so frequent she doenst need food, or a diaper for that matter.. Shes had the same sleep time for the last few months, i wanna say about four months.. shes eight months currently going on nine months..suggestions??

Im just not understanding how she could go from sleeping though the night to up every few hours..

Nighthawk 2 kids; Hinesville, Georgia 242 posts
Oct 30th '12

s she going thru a growth spurt? or maybe getting ready to get a tooth?