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Nov 5th '12

Still nothing here, 3 ridiculously faint positives, one of which was BACKWARDS, 2 negatives and waiting for my Dr. Appointment for blood test. At this point I am 3 weeks late and still no sign of AF coming. I've never been THIS late before. I normally have extremely painful periods and the pain starts a few days before AF shows up. The way my Dr. explained it to me is that my cervix is WAY too tight and having my period is almost like being in Labor, which in comparison really does feel pretty damn close. I'm generally doubled over, crying and vomiting from the pain every time AF comes, and I have a high tolerance for pain. So far no pains. Symptoms I have are the ones I listed earlier, but the list is growing. Tingling nipples has been added, which is a new one for me. With both of my boys I didn't have a tingling sensation, just a bruised feeling that came and went. And sorry if this is TMI, but DH's starting to want twice as much action lately, which for some reason happens when I am pregnant, and it starts before we even know I am pregnant. Not complaining at all!

Sorry for the BFN ladies, here's hoping things go better over the next few weeks!