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second child early or late loving mommy hood 2 kids; Berwyn, Illinois 50 posts
Oct 25th '12

Sooooo Im having a baby girl due on 12/10/12....Im super exciteed but I rate these last weeks cause Im so anxious to meet my lil princess I wanted to know with your second pregnancy did your labor start early or was you late if so how late how early just need a lil hope or just what will make me feel better lol

3.24.10☀9.10.11☀12.13.14 Due July 17 (boy); TTC since Sep 2015; 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Oregon 3645 posts
Oct 25th '12

I delivered my first the day before his DD, and my second was born on her DD.

2boys + 1girl Due December 24 (girl); 2 kids; Reno, Nevada 458 posts
Oct 25th '12

My first was born (induced) on his due date. 7 years later my 2nd came 2 weeks early (water broke)

Just Niki 19 kids; Oregon 1456 posts
Oct 25th '12

My second child arrived 8 days before his due date.

lamr - 02-08-13-21 2 kids; Crazytown, ON, Canada 6008 posts
Oct 25th '12

First was 2 weeks early, second was 5 days late.

K+J 3 kids; 547 posts
Oct 25th '12

first tried to come early but they stopped the contractions and he came 3 days before due date. 2nd was 2 weeks early.

mommy5916 Due October 7 (girl); 5 kids; California 2888 posts
Oct 25th '12

my first one was born at 44 weeks, by induction, my second came at 42 weeks, also induction, my 3rd came at 37 weeks induction due to complications, and my 4th was induced at 39 weeks due to my gbs, and past of fast births. this one will not be induced at all!

Mommy of 2 kids (baby bor 2 kids; Victoria, British Columbia 470 posts
Oct 25th '12

Im going to follow this post , my 1st was 2 weeks early and this baby is duw 12/14/12...hoping he comes early!

1Pink&1Blue 2 kids; Springfield, Ohio 1447 posts
Oct 26th '12

My first was born on her due date exactly (not induced) and this one is due in 4 days and still hasn't came so we'll see soon hopefully :)

Emma+Abby+Logan+Charlotte 4 kids; Oregon 3628 posts
Oct 26th '12

My first was born at 42 weeks 1 day no induction she came on her own, and my second was born at 41 weeks 3 days and again no induction she came on her own. My third however was born at 36 weeks 5 days so you never really know.

A.Jewell 2 kids; Woodbridge, Virginia 5 posts
Oct 27th '12

my first was born 4 days before her due date (induction) and my second one came at 37 weeks 5 days...

1Pink&1Blue 2 kids; Springfield, Ohio 1447 posts
Oct 29th '12

DS was born at 6:48 pm yesterday at 39 weeks 5 days. DD was born at 40 weeks exactly so he came sooner but not by much :)