Bumble Bee Birthday Decor FOR SALE! Jobey & Novah♥ Due March 3 (boy); TTC since Aug 2012; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Brownwood, Texas 5039 posts
Oct 25th '12

My daughters first birthday theme was bumble bee. We still have a lot left over that was never used!
I am asking $40 + shipping for everything!

1 table cloth
6 cupcake stands (3.75 dm x 2.75 in)
3 packs of cupcake baking cups (I believe there is 40 in each pack)
2 sets of napkins
1 birthday banner
2 sets of dessert plates
1 set of lunch plates
3 sets of 8 count cups
2 table center pieces
2 hanging bees
2 hanging daisies
2 hanging black balls
A bunch of random bees (use for cupcake toppers or decor)
1 bag of confetti

Here is a photo of it overall
If you would like individual photos, I have them and can post them! (in a hurry at the moment)