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When did you start.... Angel Mommaa Due February 28; 1 child; 2 angel babies; Indianapolis, IN, United States 528 posts
Oct 24th '12

DH and I are on our first month of fertility meds. I get so excited by the thought of this actually working I want to just go buy baby stuff. But i dont want to get ahead of ourselves and jinx it. When did you start buying baby things?

Leah+2 2 kids; Texas 5797 posts
Oct 24th '12

My mom bought us our bassinet when I was 5 weeks pregnant. Lol. But she found it at a thrift store for a great price or else we probably wouldn't have started that early. DH and I started buying around week 12 or so.

SavageDarling 3 kids; Webster, Massachusetts 10381 posts
Oct 24th '12

I'm on my third baby and I have no fertility issues so maybe that's why I never feel the need to buy baby stuff until the third trimester. This was actually the baby we bought something for before that. For our anniversary my hubby bought a beautiful new bassinet for the new one. ( even though we cosleep and it will never get used lol) I do have friends who have had some trouble concieving. When they DID he pregnant thy waited until well into the second trimester like week 17 I think. Just do what you want to do. There is no RIGHT time. Kwim? Good luck!!!

...andi... TTA since Apr 2013; Elkhart, Indiana 4316 posts
Oct 24th '12

When we FIRST started TTC we picked up a few items here and there as we saw them on sale or a good deal. We got a lot of hand me downs from my best friend who knew we were TTC. Now here we are six years later, still TTC, with a ton of outdated baby stuff. Some of it we can use, some of it I plan to donate. It seemed like a great idea at the time, but now we have so much stuff and no baby to use it all. I don't really regret it though and there are a few things that I will keep for as long as it takes! (ohio state booties, some hand made blankets, sentimental stuff)

Funny Feminist 1 child; Japan 59 posts
Oct 24th '12

I definitely haven't started buying anything. (Does that make me a bad mom? I'm almost 39 weeks) You get so much from baby showers that everything I wanted to get, I got for free. Don't go overboard, you have the rest of your life to buy things for this baby. :)

I think you should buy something small once you conceive to congratulate on a job well done for your situation. :)