crittle315 2 posts
Aug 15th '09

hi i have a 22 months old daughter who has had it 3 times in one year. The doctor tells me its the most common infection now. alot of kids get it, and its kinda life strep throat if you get it then you tend to get it alot, if you dont you dont get it. Everyone has it on there skin just some people are more susseptible of it causing infection. All 3 times my baby has had to have them cut open and drained it is horrible not being able to do anything i have turning intoa freak bout cleaning, where she goes and who she is around, we even had new carpet put in, but she still got it again. I feel helpless, she is in so much pain and i also worry about the medicine they are always putting in her, its cant be good. i really hope everything works out for you, if you want to talk send me a message.

ajswenson Louisiana 1 posts
Jan 12th '10

My son is on his third staph infection in 5 months. I have two boys and until 5 months ago never even know that a toddler could get staph. The doctor has drained one on his belly (the first he has ever had on his belly) today. He normally gets them on his bottom. Doc. said to give him bleach baths 2 or 3 a week as the other lady posted earlier.. I still give my son at least 2 a week. A lot of people have asked were it comes from. It can be spread from the most common places like a shopping cart, our case has spread from daycare. Each and every-time. Its very important to get to a doctor and get autebiotics... Our doctor said make sure to bath your child each and every night keep there nails cut short, and make sure they don't ever sit in dirty diaper that could cause them to be more prone to diaper rashes because staph lives everywhere and all it takes is an open wound like a diaper rash for the wound to be infected with staph. My son has very senstive skin and just using the wrong diaper wipe or a fragrented soup on your skin before changing him can cause a rash on him. the best bet is to make sure that any open wounds such as "diaper rash, bug bites or so on" have been cleaned with a alcohol wipe and ointment has been applied with a band aid over the wound to protect the wound from a staph infection if you child seems to be more susceptible. One of the things that bothered was I felt that I was doing something wrong.. The fact is though staph lives everywere and all we can do is make sure we are keeping our babies clean, if it shows its ugly face take the proper measures to treat them.. I hope this has been of some help.. AJ Swenson

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May 6th '10

My daughter started getting staff infections a few months before her 2nd birthday. I didn't know what they were for months & it took several visits to the doctor before they finally did a culture and determined it was staff. Its not MRSA they told me, so I'm greatful for that, but it has been very frustrating that the doctor hasn't really given me much info about it. Said its not safe to give little girls baths in bleach water but to use an antibacterial shower gel/soap to bathe her in and also to use Hibiclens on the affected areas when bathing. Also to use the mupirocin ointment in her nose & on sores. She's been on several types of antibiotics, sometimes even a second dose or for 14 days treatment before they would clear up. My husband gets similar sores but has never been treated or had a culture done. A nurse once said, he could very well have the same thing, that it would be a great idea for him to get tested, but that's a different battle in itself. The pediatrician has also told me to give her warm baths 2-3 times a day and let her soak for about 10 min to ease the discomfort of the sores. I've never actually tried the multiple baths in a day though. Also he said that a soiled diaper can contribute to the bacteria growth. Now that she is recently potty trained that's not really a factor, but she's broken out with one of the worst cases I've seen yet. I've often wondered if public toilets are a factor, & if so, how do you avoid them with a newly potty trained 2 year old!? I really wish there was more information available to parents who are experiencing this. I was worried I could pick it up when I was pregnant with my son, but my OB said just to frequently wash my hands and not to worry about it.

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Aug 11th '10
Quoting AbbyCadabby:
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Nov 3rd '10

Hi i ran into this topic while trying to google the cause of my daughters staph. Shes had 2 before that looked like infected insect bites and the doc said it could be and turned into staph? Well this is her 3rd one and she just turned one yesterday. poor baby is soo miserable. She has an appointment tomorrow and i am going to be sure to ask the doctor this same question...Why is it that the only time she gets these is when she stays the night at her grandparents house? Is there spiders biting her or something? Are they putting something on her? I dont even want to take her over there anymore because of this. Its just really odd that they only pop up when she comes back from their house. What do you all think???

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Dec 20th '10

<blockquote><b>Quoting AbbyCadabby:</b>“ Hey ladies. I just returned from the doctor yet again with my 22 month old. She has another staph infection. ... [snip!] ... else's children get these?? I had never even heard of staph until a year or so ago. Why does she keep getting it? Any ideas??”</blockquote>

My poor baby girl has ANOTHER staph infection. The first time she got it on her girly parts and it took me plus two doctors to hold her down and cut it open. She was only 16months. Litterally the hardest thing I've done in my life. The second one didn't get too bad, nows she's got a third and I just drained it. For those of you that have not experienced the pain of staff, let me tell you its painfull! Any suggestions on how to keep her, my husband and I from spreading it back and forth? The worst part of staph is people automatically think your dirty or don't take care of your child. : (

Mia Mis. New York 1 posts
Mar 2nd '11

My son is 3 years old and he has staph infections constantly. We try SO hard to keep clean and staph free but it's impossible. He came home from the hospital with an infection and it has not colonized and just keeps popping up. He's had to be hospitalized for about a week, brought to the ER to drain it, and I have had to drain them probably about 35 times. Now that he can talk it is so much worse then before. My husband has to hold him down while I squeeze the infection. My doctor has taught be how to do it without further infecting it! We wash with the Hibiscus soap and give him bleach baths but nothing. I feel horrible, really really horrible. He's only 3 all he knows is that I'm hurting him ::(

Dawn Von Kuehlman 6 kids; Tallahassee, Florida 3 posts
Jul 12th '11

My son is 3 years and 2 months old. He had his first staph infection in March and 3 more since then. They are so painful it breaks my heart. I don't know what to do to stop them. They are all in the same general area. I hope this isnt something he's going to have to deal with all his life. I had a bump on my head last week that hurt like all heck, I'm almost certain it was a staph infection. I guess I'll try the bleach bath a few times a month.

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Jul 12th '11
Quoting AbbyCadabby:" Hey ladies. I just returned from the doctor yet again with my 22 month old. She has another staph infection. ... [snip!] ... else's children get these?? I had never even heard of staph until a year or so ago. Why does she keep getting it? Any ideas??"

My 2 year old gets incredibly bad staph infections and impetigo. we have an ointment to put on the spot, but talk to the doctor about getting bactriban ointment for the nose. The pediatrician stated that staph comes in through the nose and if you have any spots on the body, the staph will infect it. We have to put ointment in her nose twice a day and we have not had a staph infection in about 4 or 5 months. She gets severe staph as well to the point where the doctors are a bit in shock.

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Jun 14th '12

My little girl is 13 months old. On her first birthday she had a bug bite on her forehead, the scab was scratched off when I was trying to fix her hair and within 3 hours it had blisters on it. Her doctor said that it was staph but not MRSA. My husband and I have both had staph but neither of us are sure what strand it is. It is hard to get a doctor around here to test it. Now she has had her third spot that is hard as a rock and really red. I have put the ointment on it and wash her all the time. What else can I do to help prevent these spots? My doctor told me to put a hot compress on mine so I tried it on her and it made it drain by itself. I know how it feels to have one drained...I dont want that for her!!!

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Jun 30th '12

My son is almost 2 and has had a staph infection on his face for probably 5 months now. The doctor thought it was just eczema at first and then just didn't know what was going on and thought he might grow out of it! He went undiagnosed for 2 months until we were finally referred to a dermatologist who then finally did a culture to find out it was staph. We have been on antibiotics as well as the medication for the nose for 3 months now and my son is so good about it but it is painful. We have to drain each one and as he gets older he is able to tell us when they are bothering him. I am so frustrated because it is taking so long and I don't know what else to do! I almost walk around with a bottle of bleach cleaning things, we eat only whole foods (praying that may make a difference in how his body responds) religious about giving him his meds and it just isn't getting better! The sores from before have begun to heal but the scars remain and new spots seem to pop up daily. I am at a lost as to what to do....