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Period is 26 days late... DominicanGirl2829 Japan 1 posts
Oct 23rd '12

I had my last period on August 16th. My period is longer than the average 28 days and is around 42 days for a full cycle. However, I am now 26 days late and I have gained some weight which never happens and I am emotional and have some lower back discomfort and my sides are sore. Every once and awhile I feel queasy but other than that nothing. Could I be pregnant?

melindapple 1 child; Michigan 5425 posts
Oct 23rd '12

take a test if you had sex

Izzy&Ivy Due December 8 (girl); 1 child; California 139 posts
Oct 23rd '12

I'd take a test if I were you, 26 days is pretty long for a missed period! Goodluck!

Gir! 2 kids; Ohio 7550 posts
Oct 23rd '12

We're not psychic.. Take a test

Mama MacGyver* TTC since Jul 2014; 1 child; Tulsa, Oklahoma 13015 posts
Oct 23rd '12

You're 26 days late, have had weight gain, feel sick and you haven't taken a pregnancy test?

*Berrrr Due November 19; 1 child; Ohio 2724 posts
Oct 23rd '12

I'd take a test, if it were me.

Butterbean3727 TTC since Mar 2013; 20 kids; Ohio 603 posts
Oct 23rd '12

As i have heard others say, pee on a stick. :-)

Belle De Jour Due October 8 (boy); 3 kids; Kentucky 19292 posts
Oct 23rd '12

Take a test.....