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Oct 24th '12
Quoting Mama Casey[EBF]:" That's the thing my scan was with a different OB but they didn't actually calculate a date they just ... [snip!] ... 6 weeks 3 days which was last Wednesday. My cycles range from 28-42 days so I knew this due date would be off for awhile lol"

yeah they dont say how far you are measuring at until 12 weeks scan, the reason i have to track is because i can go anywhere up to a year without a period right down to 28 days. so i knew my cycle could be proper different, i said the 2nd sept with my son they said the 24th august, ill never know what day he would have come at because they induced me on the 5th sept as that was 2 weeks over and they wouldnt let me wait it out even though i pointed out their dates were wrong by at least 10 days with what my cycle should have been at the time!