Prizes for 3-4 year olds ymj 2 kids; Pennsylvania 390 posts
Oct 22nd '12

I am giving my son a birthday party Tuesday is his day. I plan on having games played. No more than 3. I am giving all the kids goody/loot bags. I want to give a prize to the winner of the games. Is this a good idea at this age or should I just give all the kids a prize so nobody feels left out. Any thoughts has anyone been in this situation?

abcde 10877 posts
Oct 22nd '12

i wouldnt do prizes for that age group. ds turned 3 this past birthday and it was definatly hard for his friends to understand it was his birthday his presents. We had games and for each game the kids all got something.
It was airplane themed. so we had pine the propeller on the airplane. and all the kids won fly over the rainbow crayons. (melted rainbow crayons i made)
then we had a paint an airplane thing where they all painted a wooden airplane.
Then we had a frong launch. which were little plastic frogs with parachutes they dropped from the porch and that earned them the frog and aviator sunglasses. they were all given a mini suitcase in the beinging to hold their "prizes"
The kids had alot of fun. but defintaly dont think they would understand the concept of winning.

user banned 3 kids; Ontario 10942 posts
Oct 22nd '12

I have always done prizes for games at my kids bday parties. Even when they were 2 yrs old. Never had a problem with it ever. I say its fine.