Dream not so true :( babymama0324 USA 621 posts
Oct 22nd '12

Last night I had a dream that I all of a sudden was in the hospital about to give birth. I had just found ou I was pregnant too. It all happened so fast but I had to wait forever I got an epidural and everything. I woke up several times in this dream but everytime I went back to sleep it would start at the same part I stopped. I ended up having a beautiful girl :) but never named her lol

This last time I woke up I had started my period :( which makes me really sad cause I was hoping to be pregnant. Now I can't even quit thinking about that dream and how I wish it was true.

I wonder why I would have dreamed that ?

slayeraX6 6 kids; 4 angel babies; nowhere, ca, United States 2393 posts
Oct 22nd '12

maybe its telling of what the future holds for you. i would be sad too if i woke up to my period.:cry:

LevinOnJetPlaneDntKnoWenI Pennsylvania 1590 posts
Oct 22nd '12

You're thinking too hard about being pregnant. Sometimes you ream about things that happened or you thought about during the course of the day. I used to have dreams about having twins (nightmares more like lol) because I have a set on my side and a set on hubbys side so I'm around them from time to time and I only have single babies (thank goodness).