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Oct 21st '12

So since Saturday October 13th I had been having consistent contractions (that were 5-7 mins apart) however they weren't strong enough to be doing anything but put me in pain :/ but my mom was already flying down since I called and said hey they're consistent we're going to labor and delivery :) but they didn't admit me. So Sunday and Monday my mom and I did lots of cleaning and organizing of my place (the things I couldn't since I was pregnant and my husband couldn't because of work and school) then Tuesday my aunt came out with my mom and decided to walk me around a local mall until my contractions were 3 mins apart and very strong (since we knew at that point they would hopefully have opened me enough to be admitted) well after walking at the mall all day we went to my doctors office instead of having to wait in triage for days on end... and we were told we were a direct admit and to head over to the hospital (which nicely is the next building over from their office) so we called my husband who headed over with all the labor/ hospital bags and the car with the car seat and I was admitted...

Once I was admitted I wasn't progressing as quickly as they would've liked so they hooked me on pitocin and then gave me an epidural, and broke my water. I labored all night Tuesday and well into Wednesday when I stalled. I was fully dilated but my little boy was refusing to leave -1 station so they figured he was just too big for me so we went into a c-section where I delivered a perfect 8lb 8 oz boy! (with a 14.5cm head... (the reason why I couldn't push him out)). As soon as I heard him cry I started bawling, didn't even manage to say "hi charlie" before blubbering to the point of no understanding. My husband had the biggest smile on his face and started crying as soon as he saw Charlie. My husband was able to stay with me for the delivery and then went to the nursery with our son as I was put back together and then handed off to recovery. My adorable husband was worried about me and kept calling to make sure I was okay after my surgery and there were no complications. While he was up in the nursery everyone was able to go see him and Charlie through the waiting room window, my mom cried, dad cried some more, my aunt cried, my mother in law cried, her sister cried, Charlie's godfather cried... it was quite a scene (or so I hear... I was still in recovery).

The proud papa :)


Daddy & Charlie Bonding

Anyways in spite of the hard and unexpected process of the c-section he's been an adorable baby and is the sweetest little guy!


Charles Paton Marshall (aka "Charlie")
8lbs 8 oz, 20.5 in long, 14.5 cm head
our perfect little boy :)

MontanaMadness 2 kids; Small Town, MT, United States 4536 posts
Oct 21st '12

Congrats. Wishing you a quick recovery

Amanda Contento Florida 2302 posts
Oct 21st '12

Congrats. He is perfect and so handsome. I had a c-section as well and it was painful but I pray for a speedy recovery for you so that you can enjoy that baby some more.

EmilyQuigley 3 kids; 2 angel babies; San marcos, CA, United States 1638 posts
Oct 21st '12

Hes so cute! Congrats.