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Oct 20th '12

I went in for my 39 week checkup on monday, and had my membranes stripped. I was 4cm and 50% effaced.

All day afterwords I was in a lot of pain, and had a lot of back cramping. By 9pm I thought I had been having contractions, so at 11pm I went into L&D just to be checked out. I was GBS+ and wanted to make sure I got there in enough time to get my antibiotics. They checked me and I had made no change from this morning, and my contractions had tapered off. They offered to monitor me for a few hours, but I decided to just go home and sleep and see if they came back and got stronger.

At 3am I woke up with really sharp pains in my side. I couldn't sleep in bed anymore, so I tried sleeping on the couch for awhile, and kept denying that I was having contractions. I would fall asleep, for which felt like an hour, and when I checked the clock at the next contractions, only 4 minutes had passed.

I was able to lay down until 4, when the pain was getting so bad I was rocking on all fours. I finally woke my hubby up, we called our friend to come over and babysit our daughter, and left for the hospital.

I got there at about 6 and was 5cm dilated. They admitted me, and I started using the birthing ball to try get through the pain. It worked for a little while, and then my doctor came in and told me I could use the jacuzzi tub if I wanted too. It was amazing, and I had been looking forward to using it my entire pregnancy.

I got my epidural around 9am, I just couldn't make it through the pain anymore..and it was such a relief to finally be able to get some rest.

At 240, I was finally completely dilated and ready to push! I pushed for a little while, and when he was about to come out, they had me stop and do small pushes to ease him out. I had no tearing and needed no stitches!

Hayden James was born at 3:05pm on 10/16 ! 6lbs 9oz 20 1/4 in

He is SUCH a good baby, and he is a little clone of his sister. The major difference is that he will actually let us lay him down, and will sleep on his own. He sleeps allll day long and hardly ever cries, unless he is getting his diaper changed. I just love him so much !

Right after being cleaned up.

meeting his big sissy!

getting ready to go home
230996_10151121893087424_1288018794_n.jp47399_10151121891842424_1618779423_n.jpg556_10151123182812424_978311909_n.jpg530755_10151124303802424_282740564_n.jpg150321_10151122095297424_1883577850_n.jp299310_10151123423977424_2007161453_n.jphere is a little side by side of him and Peyton as newbs. Its crazy how much he looks like her, and how many of her little faces he makes.


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Oct 20th '12

Congratulations, he's adorable! They really do look a lot alike, especially in that last side by side picture.

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Oct 20th '12

aww he is adorable!! CONGRATS!!!

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Oct 20th '12


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Oct 21st '12

Congrats!!!!!!!!! I love that pic of the siblings together too :)