Mama Stacks Due October 1 (girl); 1 child; Sherman, Texas 356 posts
Oct 19th '12

I just wrote a novel on your thread about how awesome my border collie is with my baby and how smart and well disciplined they are and it didnt post. Grrrr. Anyway I read they are the 3rd best breed to have with kids. Right after labs and golden retrievers. Also the smartest breed of dog. As long as they get enough attention and exercise, they are great dogs.

Avery Davids Momma Kali Due November 5; 1 child; Deer River, Minnesota 606 posts
Oct 20th '12

As it was we were able to get our lab/chow back! We had her since she was 6wks old and shes a awesome dog (now a year old).

Angela & Austin's Mama :) 2 kids; Wyoming 4998 posts
Oct 20th '12
Quoting Bananas For Babies:" <blockquote><b>Quoting Angela & Austin's Mama :):</b>" Despite what most people think. ... [snip!] ... lol. My lab mix was such a sweetheart I swear she thought she was human and wanted to help with everything... I miss them:("

Any dog can be super sweet : ) I love my friends' rottie was the biggest teddy bear : ) He scared the crap out of my mom because he was so tall he would just stick his head in your car window to get some love : )