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Oct 18th '12
Quoting AnnaMS:" AND HERE IT GOES..........."

What's your deal?

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Oct 18th '12

now that I think about it, my friend's sister was 14 when she had her first kid and wasn't high risk though they did worry about her size. She still had him vaginally though

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Oct 18th '12
Quoting May ♥:" No that is not true. In MOST cases a 14 year old CAN have a healthy, problem free pregnacy. Are you ... [snip!] ... MAIN concern would be if she was EMONTINALLY and MENTALLY able to carry a child. But physically? She will probably be fine."

Most girls that young go into preterm labor because their body isn't ready yet. She didn't make that up it's a fact. Their hormones and body are not stable yet. Their body doesn't know where to put nutrients into itself or the baby. Hips often haven't spread like they should yet and several other physical things.

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Nov 4th '12

I know I'm really late coming into this, but it would always be worth asking if there are birth centers in your area. Everyone deserves a chance at a natural birth, and the midwives and if you're already seeing a doctor, that doctor will be able to tell you if you're high risk and can't or if you're able to.