When will this go away? !!Katie!! 1 child; Tennessee 2794 posts
Oct 18th '12

I'm 6wks pp (as of yesterday) and my linea negra is still as dark as ever. I don't believe it's faded at all. I also noticed that I have this weird discoloration right under my belly button, it's almost like my skin looks dirty or something. No clue what that is, but I really wish it would go away.

How long did it take for you ladies? And did you have any skin discoloration on your tummy (besides the linea negra)?

-aychsweez- 17 kids; Memphis, 6228 posts
Oct 18th '12

Mine didnt go away til i was like 3 or 4 months PP. Or longer. I dont remember exactly.*

user banned 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Indiana 75866 posts
Oct 18th '12

I had my daughter in September of 2009, and I still have mine. It's faded, but it's there.

Katie ♥ Eli 1 child; California 2259 posts
Oct 18th '12

It took a good year for mine to fully fade.

user banned 2 kids; Minnesota 7318 posts
Oct 18th '12

Exfoliate a lot. It took mine a long time to go away with my first too. I never got one with my son...weirdness.