Jen♡Troy 1 child; Buffalo, NY, United States 8742 posts
Oct 22nd '12
Quoting 2+Brynn+Irelynn♥:" You can try them on?! I thought they were like underwear?!"

Like bathing suits, keep your undies on :)

packersgirl + 3 3 kids; Minnesota 26214 posts
Oct 23rd '12

Get real spanx. They work better than the cheaper versions.

And I have had to live in my Spanx for the past 5 weeks after my Tummy Tuck anyhow.

First 3 weeks I had to be in them 24/7, and now I can take them off to sleep until the 6 week mark. So if you are getting a Tummy Tuck you will need them anyhow!