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mirena or implanon MamaBear✿ 2 kids; New Mexico 572 posts
Oct 18th '12

I go to my 6 week pp appt on November 12th and I am not totally set on which bc method I want to use. how was your experience using these?

Krystal +2 Boys 2 kids; Kentucky 914 posts
Oct 18th '12

I had the mirena twice and it was really good!! My SIL just had to haver her implanon took out cuz she bled for months

White Chocolate Milk 1 child; Chelsea, Alabama 12304 posts
Oct 18th '12

I have had a love hate relationship with my implanon. It was great at first. Went through a phase where I bled for like a month straight. But it seems like the hormones have kind of calmed down and I have a regular cycle now. Like a 5 day period approximately a month apart. And they have been getting lighter and shorter so I'm expecting them to stop soon. Haven't had any side effects like hot flashes or mood swings either.

~Mrs.SoldierBoy~ Due September 2 (boy); 1 child; Colorado 4969 posts
Oct 18th '12

Implanon was horrible for me! I gained 40 lbs, bled heavily every 2 weeks for over a week at a time. Had terrible cramps, mood swings and headaches. I hated it. Now I have Mirena and love it! I'm still losing weight, no bleeding at all (except I spot for a day every month) I do have some irritability but nothing like with Implanon. No issues for me.

T+J=J&P 2 kids; Indiana 1179 posts
Oct 18th '12

Hated both!
With Mirena I had horrible mood swings, a lot of weight gain, no sex drive, it hurt to have sex, horrible back pain, and DH could feel it.
With Implanon I bled for pretty much 10 months, constant migrains, and severe depression.
The pill works best for me.

Adam+Ali=Addy♥ TTC since Oct 2012; 1 child; Albuquerque, New Mexico 1298 posts
Oct 18th '12

I had the mirena.
Overall it was a good experience.

No sex drive
Mood Swings

No weight gain
No periods (after the 3mo mark of having it inserted)
No PMS symptoms except for mood swings (no bloating, cravings etc.)