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Oct 16th '12

Before I got pregnant, I was 110 pounds and I took walks/jogged 3-5 days a week. When I was pregnant, I ate too much and gained 40 pounds. The day I had my c-section for my son I weighed 150 pounds, which is huuuugeee for someone who is only 4'10".

A week after I had my son, I weighed 130. I went back to the gym faster than I should have, but I was determined (although I don't recommend this, since I tore open part of my incision). I also tried to eat too few calories a day. But still, I lost weight. I also tried a weight loss pill (Hydroxycut) for a couple weeks.

BUT I actually saw the most lasting results and felt my best when I just did what everyone tells you to do - eat healthy and exercise!

I cut a lot out of my diet. I rarely eat any sweets, I've cut out a lot of pasta/bread, and if I do have it it's in small amounts and not every day, and I try to eat more whole grain things. But I still make sure to get at least 1,200 calories a day. I used to think the "don't skip meals when dieting" thing was bullshit, but I've noticed that it's completely true. I'm less likely to eat too much if I eat, even if it's small meals.

I did Jillian Michael's "30 Day Shred", which I saw decent results with.

I am currently 103 pounds, which is 7 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight. I am feeling pretty good, although I'm still working to tighten up my belly, ass, and thighs, so now I'm doing Jillian Michael's "No More Troubles Zones."

Pretty much all I wanted to say was, if you want it and you work your ass off, you can have it. :) Good luck to all the other mommies in their fitness'health journeys!