Can I start doing BBL while pregnant? Carla +2 {EBF} 2 kids; Carencro, Louisiana 1378 posts
Oct 16th '12

I use to do Brazilian butt lift way before i got pregnant. Im currently 12 weeks pregnant.

could it be possible to do atleast 30 mins a day???

Mia&HuntersMumma Due January 29 (boy); 1 child; Rindge, New Hampshire 90 posts
Oct 16th '12

im not sure if this helps any but ive been doing zumba since right after i had my daughter and my doctor oked me continuing with it. just do what i can and take breaks if needed. no need to over do it.

abcde 10877 posts
Oct 16th '12

I did it while i was pregnant through a beachbody couch.
My dr said it was fine because it wasnt high impact and when they do crunches or things on their stomach to just do a stretch instead.