Got off track... MommaLBear 1 child; Georgia 762 posts
Oct 15th '12

I usually exercise 6 days a week. Monday's are my rest/measure days. Usually.
This past week, I took a "break" from exercising. My ankle, along with my knee have been bothering me. Yeah, doesn't sound so bad right?
Well, I've also haven't been drinking water. Just soda. Which means I've been drinking empty calories all week. :oops:
My ankle and knee are just fine now, so there's no reason for me to be sitting on my ass anymore! As soon as LO goes to sleep, I'll be exercising.
Matter of fact, I have myself a big glass of water right here next to me:D

Also, I'm looking at the Atkins diet, and thinking about trying it out with my mom. Anyone else do it/tried it? How do you like their products? And can anyone tell me how many of the bars come in a box? $9 seems like a good price,but I can't see where it tells me how many come with it.
Thanks for reading :)

*Turtles* 2 kids; Someplace, UT, United States 6098 posts
Oct 15th '12

SO step mom is on the Atkins Diet. she swears by it. She doesn't buy any of their products. I am not on any diet program. I just do workout dvds and eat healthy.